Our story

Charge Your Business Forward™

Our bold idea is you

We’re a team of experienced business advisors and financial services professionals who came together with an idea: to create funding solutions that empower you and your business. ‍ Businesses need, now more than ever, increased financial agility and control to compete in today’s marketplace. At Idea Financial we use our financing expertise, cutting edge technology, and commitment to superior customer service to develop financial products that give businesses just that, control of their finances. ‍ Our primary goal and motivation is to help our customers transform their business ideas into reality. As a result, we empower our customers to improve their cash flow, mitigate business risk, invest with a low cost of capital, and grow their business acumen.

We fund your business. Grow your ideas. Drive your success.

We believe in your business vision and are committed to giving you the financing solutions and support to achieve it.

We provide superior financing and business tools.

We used our industry experience to design products specifically for you, our business owner.

We put our customers and partners first.

We are committed to building valuable and equitable relationships with you.

We go above and beyond for our customers.

We strive every day to create exciting and innovative solutions that maximize value for businesses.

We support our local communities.

We believe in the backbone of the American economy and support local entrepreneurs to infuse progress into our community.

Our brand story

The rhino, with his stamina, power and forward-charging momentum, represents our pledge to you. We will be untiring and unstoppable in our efforts to advance your business success. Like the endangered rhino, we believe we are part of a very small, dwindling group of finance professionals who are unwaveringly committed to their customers.

As the rhino’s companion, the adventurous oxpecker has wings and the ability to discover new horizons. We liken the oxpecker to our clients’ ideas, which if nurtured, can take flight. The two animals enjoy a symbiotic—or mutually beneficial—relationship: the bird draws strength from the rhino and warns of danger, while the rhino gets a head’s up if he needs to charge. This dynamic duo proves the power of two and how mutual trust can yield life-sustaining results.

Funding For Any Reason

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